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This is the Wiki site for students of the journalism program at Skyline College in San Bruno, California. The site enables Advanced Writing & Reporting for the Media students to experience what it feels like to be published, as well as to give them practice with multimedia skills.

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Resiliency at its Best: Tiffany Herbert by Paul Reyes

The Skyline View is blessed to have a new face on staff, Pacifica resident and first time student Tiffany Herbert. Hailing from Pacifica, Herbert is dynamic and talented, with a can-do, positive attitude. Planning to transfer to UC Davis after her stay here, she sees herself obtaining some type of doctorate degree. It is good news indeed, as the Skyline View will need her skills as someone who enjoys writing in her spare time. She also plays the flute and guitar during her downtime, regularly immersing herself in many types of music.

“Music is life,” Herbert says. Sublime, Led Zepplin, and all types of rock and reggae can be heard blasting from her speakers.

We are fortunate to have her presence, as she describes herself as “a resilient person.” Dealing with multiple deaths in her family, Herbert is clearly able to bounce back with an upbeat demeanor. With her mom as her greatest hero, that drive only pushes her to be a better person. That inspiration allows Herbert to say she has led a successful life. Only 18, she has had “many different experiences” and has been able to be content. Asked on what she would do if today were her last day on Earth? “

“Live life.”

Interview by Novella Genelza

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing an interesting and unique young woman, Stephanie DelPuerto. She is a native to the San Francisco Bay Area and has been a student at Skyline for two semesters. As a local, she chose Skyline for the convenience and the atmosphere of this school over its nearby counterparts. Besides focusing on her education, Stephanie also has an avid interest in baking and attended culinary school prior to attending Skyline. She has big aspirations and someday hopes to travel to Japan to experience the food, culture, and language. She's a gentle soul who loves animals and she owns four cats and one dog. Her loving nature extends to her friends, and she prides herself on being an honest person, saying, "If you're honest with your friends, they'll always be there for you." Its no surprise that Stephanie is in a meaningful relationship, and she has happily been with her boyfriend Ariel for three and a half years. If you see Stephanie around campus, give her a smile or a wave, don't be shy!

*Ebony and Ivory(that's me)*
Written by Paul Nathanael Sieger
Interview obtained by Paul Nathanael Sieger
Copyright of Paul Nathanael Sieger

Skyline College student Ebony Koger is a woman of many aspirations, slowly but surely making her way through school. Koger says she hopes to major in political science and possibly double major in history. She eventually hopes to make her way through law school.

“I believe an education is the most important thing to have… ever,” says Koger.

Koger was originally born in Portland, Oregon. Almost immediately after being born, she moved to Washington, where she stayed for a couple years. She then moved to Los Angeles, California until the age of eight, when she moved to the Bay Area where she currently lives. She considers herself a “West Coast girl,” claiming that she’d rather live here than anywhere else in the world.

Koger was born to an African American father and a white mother. As an infant, Koger and her mother moved away from her biological father, hoping to find a better life. Koger’s mother eventually remarried, and her new husband – a white man- legally adopted Koger when she was eight years old. Koger’s new step-father and mother birthed twins, and Koger found herself being the only person of mixed heritage in the family.

“Most people don’t believe I’m part of the family,” Koger says. “I’m not as in tune with my culture as I’d like to be, but I’m always working on gaining more knowledge of my heritage.”

Koger cites her mother as her greatest inspiration, and in turn, she is also an inspiration to the many people around her.

“I’m a strong person, and I tend to create strong people around me,” says Koger.

When she’s not learning, Koger can be found serving cocktails at Yoshi’s in San Francisco, or out dancing somewhere. Koger says she loves all kinds of music, but is a sucker for anything she can dance to.
Koger is destined for accomplishment, refusing to let anyone stand in the way of her success.

“I’m a hard-ass, I don’t take sh*t from anyone.”


Taking classroom introductions to the next level
By: Natalie Christine

The enthusiastic, yet focused student Tiffany May Ong has been attending Skyline since the age of sixteen. Her first name comes from the jewelry store her parents use to lived near, her middle name signifies the month she was born, and her last name is a variant of wong.

“I’m Chinese, but my parents were born and raised in the Philippines,” Ong said. “My brother considers himself more Filipino, but I consider myself more Chinese.”

Ong describes her brother by immediately referring to his obsession with Disney. According to her, her father, a dentist, is really nice person unless you live with him because he tends to be very judgmental and hypocritical at times.

Ong said, “My mom is the sweetest person in the whole world, she is the only one that could put up with my dad.”

Like her brother, Ong and her boyfriend also have obsessions of their own. Her boyfriend is a very big fan of the character Stitch from the Disney film, Lilo and Stitch. Ong also admitted her love for her favorite Disney character, Tigger, from the classic Winnie the Pooh.

Ong currently lives her life in two separate rooms of the house. She has been in the process of moving out of her old one and into her new one for about six months now. The main reason she hasn’t fully moved into her new room is due to the fact that her brother hasn’t moved all of his things out of that room.

While in those rooms, Ong likes to spend her time out of class by sleeping or being around her destructive, spoiled, but loveable golden receiver.

“Her name is jenga, like the game,” Ong said. “My dog is family too.”

Even though Ong is currently unemployed, she is very excited about the new habit she picked up from her last job as an administrative assistant at Kaiser. That habit being pen clicking.

Aspiring Journalist Student Excels Interview

By Derrick Smith
Interviewee: Cesar Castro

Today, I interviewed, Cesar who is a 26 year old Hispanic male, slim to medium built, weighing between 135 - 145 lbs, 5’10 tall, dark brown hair, with brown eyes, wearing a white shirt.

Cesar who is a well-rounded, established, outgoing, career driven individual, who has set goals and believes in accomplishing his goals through learning and education which he calls a hobby. Cesar credits his life to his mother and siblings who supports him both mentally and spiritually.
Cesar friends are all Hispanic, he doesn’t have any African American friends not because of choice but because he only grew up and learned to be around his race, during high school.

"Cesar is not afraid of gays because if a man wants to be with another man and a woman wants to be with another woman its their life and it’s okay with him, he has nothing against those individuals, said Cesar.”

Cesar likes all genres of music but prefer to listen to heavy metal and rock and roll, although, he doesn’t look like the typical rock and roll person.

During the interview, I noticed me and Cesar have several things in common, we both have single parents, journalist students, love music, have one brother, and are both democratic voters of Senator Barack Obama.

Cesar gave a wonderful and straight to the point interview which lasted around 3 to 4 minutes. He was patient, comfortable, and secure with me asking questions which he didn’t expect of me, which helped me through the entire interview process.

Good luck!

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